“Your TV ad convinced me to buy Pete’s Thermal Jeans. It was just what I needed to keep warm because of having an artificial hip and a previously broken knee. The cold affected my knee and hip joint. As a result of my thermal jeans my knee doesn’t ache in the cold and my hip doesn’t either. Any other trousers don’t do it for me anymore. I love the warmth of my thermal jeans. After wearing my first pair of Pete’s Thermal Jeans I had to purchase more as I couldn’t handle ordinary jeans (too cold) especially over winter. Now I’m never out of them.”

Rod Gaston

“Before I bought Pete’s Thermal Jeans I had tried everything to keep warm. Now I have my thermal jeans my legs don’t feel cold in the winter. I recommend Pete’s Thermal Jeans highly because after trying everything else to keep warm they were the only things that did the trick:”

John Sanders

“My husband feels the cold so we thought we would give Pete’s Thermal Jeans a try. His thermal jeans are in the wash one day and back on his legs the next. He does not say he is cold anymore and he just loves them. I would recommend Pete’s thermal jeans to anyone who feels the cold.”

S Morgan

“I bought the first pair of Pete’s Thermal Jeans to test them and then the second pair so I would have 2 pair for winter. I now have warmer legs and feet and I’m more comfortable in the winter.”

G A Campbell

“I was always freezing and like a brass monkey before I bought Pete’s Thermal Jeans. They are great for the colder weather and I’m always warm.”

D Richardson

“I have been recommending Pete’s Thermal Jeans to everyone in the skydiving industry as they are good value for money and keep you toasty warm. I wear mine all winter and also when working outside.”

Steve Callaghan

"I heard about Pete’s thermal jeans from a friend. I am now able to work for longer periods at my work (which involves working in big chillers.) I am also more comfortable. In winter conditions when you are riding your motorbike you stay dry even if it’s wet on the outside.”

Paul Fitzpatrick

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