“With Pete’s thermal jeans my legs are no longer cold and I’m so toasty warm.”

Daphne Steadman

“Pete’s thermal jeans are wonderfully warm no matter what the weather man predicts. They are very comfortable and I have no aches from the cold.”

Cindy Foss

“I wear Pete’s Thermal Jeans all the time because I have poor circulation and feel cold all the time. I have now eliminated the pain of feeling cold all the time and increased my lifestyle tenfold. Pete’s thermal jeans make me feel 100% warm and cosy and I can motivate myself to do anything. They are the best thing since ‘sliced bread’. My wife introduced these to me through her workplace (Courier Post) and I am so very grateful to her. Pete’s Thermal Jeans are priceless.”

Rodney Austin

“I wear Pete’s Thermal Jeans for a lot of different occasions. These include watching my grandchildren playing Rugby on a cold Saturday morning, working in cold conditions, working outside and during winter. Every cold morning I always wear my Pete’s Thermal Jeans because they keep my whole body warm. I always have them ready if needed. My problem in the winter is cold on my lower body part and Pete’s Thermal Jeans solved this problem. Now I enjoy the winter. I highly recommend Pete’s Thermal Jeans as they have improved my whole life.”

Charlie Frueard

“My husband is a fleet service man and he’s often changing truck tyres on the side of the road whatever the weather. Winter is no longer a problem and I hear no more sad stories of being out in the cold. He finds the benefits of having two pair of Pete’s Thermal Jeans are being warm while at work and having a spare pair for the weekend, fishing watching rugby and mucking about in the garage. My husband recommends Pete’s Thermal Jeans as they have made his working life more pleasurable and he’s always warm and comfy.”

Janice Hughes

“I live in Southland and wear my Pete’s Thermal Jeans through part of the summer also. One of the benefits of my thermal jeans is that on cooler days you can just wear a T Shirt and stay warm. Normal jeans for outdoor activities are generally cold to wear so all my other jeans are for indoor events only.”

Ian Graham

“I first saw Pete’s Thermal Jeans on TV and they sounded just like what my husband needed during the winter in his workshop. He likes the warmth and his knees don’t ache during winter like they used to.”

Mary Emery

“On frosty mornings normal jeans do not warm up. With Pete’s Thermal Jeans it’s a matter of jumping out of a warm bed into instant warm thermal jeans. I highly recommend Pete’s Thermal Jeans as they have been the best and warmest way of combating cold and icy conditions.”

John Croft

“I heard about Pete’s Thermal Jeans from other people who told me how good they are. I do a lot of walking and these jeans keep me warm especially when out on cold nights. They are good hard wearing jeans and water resistant as well”

Bill McLachlan

“I purchased Pete’s Thermal Jeans for my father who isn’t well and has since had major heart surgery. He just loves them and wears them every day. Dad said he’d he be lost without his thermal jeans. He has difficulty keeping warm but says his legs are ‘always toasty’. He reckons they are a wonderful invention. Pete’s thermal jeans are just marvellous and mean my dad no longer shivers in the cold.”

Maria Barid

“I wear my Petes Thermal Jeans when it’s cold and wet and I’m sitting in my tractor hauling kiwifruit. I also wear them all winter as it relieves my arthritis. Cold winters have now become a breeze and I don’t have to move to Queensland! I now love any type of weather as I’m cosy and warm with my Pete’s Thermal Jeans.”

Lloyd Elliot

“My Pete’s Thermal Jeans were a surprise birthday present. I have found them to be weatherproof, warm, and comfortable and I don’t sweat. I find my thermal jeans useful when kneeling on concrete or steel as they are good on my joints and knees. They are ideal for the industry that I work in.”

Wayne Baxter

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