“Before I purchased my thermal jeans I used to get unbearably cold. With my Pete’s Thermal Jeans I am warm straight away when putting them on and I can be assured I will be warm all day. I have 2 pair so I can always stay warm when one pair is in the wash.”

Brian Dale

“I wear my Pete’s Thermal Jeans when I am working in the garden, cleaning the car, on cold frosty mornings and also when playing the piano. I get cold in winter and my thermal jeans keep my circulation going, my legs warm and they save on heating as well. I am a very senior lady and as such my circulation is not as good as previous years. Keeping warm saves extra strain on the heart which now has to work less to circulate the blood. I would highly recommend Pete’s Thermal jeans because they have greatly improved my quality of life during the very cool winters we have been having lately.”

June P Humphreys

“Pete’s Thermal Jeans are so comfortable to wear. They keep you warm, especially on cold days. They look good and feel good as well. It’s just nice to feel warm. Because they look good it makes people ask where you got them from.”

Maria & Alex Henry

“I use my thermal jeans when using my telescope at night for stargazing. These jeans are great for sitting still for long periods in cold weather. They also provide great protection from against night chills when I am surf casting at night. Whether it be astronomy, fishing or watching sports, all past times become so much more enjoyable I can do them for longer due to being in the ‘comfort zone’. Pete’s thermal jeans are an ‘excuse eliminator’. No more ‘I can’t do it because it’s’ too cold’. Now it’s ‘let’s get my thermal jeans on and get out there!”.

John Charles

“I recommend Pete’s thermal jeans because they provide instant warmth and comfort and don’t feel heavy. I wear my thermal jeans playing golf in winter and enjoy wearing them working because they are so comfortable.”

Gordon Bai

“I wore my Pete’s thermal jeans while holidaying in New York with snow and ice. I never needed thermals underneath and my jeans kept me warm in -7 Degrees temperatures. My thermal jeans are great for keeping me warm on the motorbike. I recommend Pete’s thermal jeans because if they keep me warm they will keep other people warm as well.”

Len Cooper

“My Pete’s Thermal Jeans have eliminated pain from cold knees. They make my legs feel so much warmer and I now have no pain in my knees when wearing them"

Michael Benson

“I heard about Pete’s thermal jeans from a friend. I am now able to work for longer periods at my work (which involves working in big chillers.) I am also more comfortable. In winter conditions when you are riding your motorbike you stay dry even if it’s wet on the outside.”

Paul Fitzpatrick

“I use my Pete’s Thermal Jeans when pheasant and Quail shooting. They keep me warm and are an extra layer of protection against blackberry and gorse. I also use my thermal jeans when fishing in the winter. I now enjoy working outside in winter. Pete’s thermal jeans are warm and comfortable with a sensible cut.”

Tom Bracefeild

“I wear Pete’s thermal jeans at work and on social occasions. I suffer from Scleroderma and Rayanuds and feel cold all year and in any season. Most work place heating is not sufficient to keep me comfortable. As soon as I put on my thermal jeans my whole body temperature is increased. This improves my concentration and my quality of life. Thanks Pete. I would highly recommend Pete’s thermal jeans for people in my position as I love wearing jeans and this style is smart and can be dressed up or down for any occasion.”

Karen Hegarty

“I find Pete’s Thermal Jeans keep my whole body warm. I suffer from Angina and cannot afford to get cold. I can now go outside when it is cold without worrying. I would recommend Pete’s thermal jeans highly. I am 81 years old and they have given me a lot more freedom.”

Patrick Harrison-PutararuWednesday 14 July, 2010

“I heard about Petes’ Thermal Jeans from a friend. When I saw them they looked great and they felt comfortable and warm when I tried them on. I work outside and get cold very quickly. I have bad circulation and when I wear my thermal jeans I feel warm all day. I highly recommend them to everyone. I feel warm, comfortable and cosy.”

Trisha Thompson

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