“I wear my thermal jeans on Market Days as the market venue faces the sea front. They also keep my legs from getting too cold. Pete’s thermal jeans keep me very warm around the legs. I used to feel cold even with tights on. I would recommend Pete’s thermal jeans because they keep you warm in the winter.”

Mrs M Blake

“I wear my Pete’s Thermal Jeans all day this winter as I have recently completed a course of chemotherapy and have felt the cold. My thermal jeans keep me warm.”

Paul Cearns

“I wear my Pete’s thermal jeans basically all winter. I notice a big difference in temperature when I take them off. I am able to keep warm at work all day. (I found that thermal long johns didn’t work as they fall down.) Pete’s thermal jeans have made a big difference because being able to keep my hips and knees warm makes it easier to walk and move around.”

Paul Cripps

“Wearing my Pete’s thermal jeans eliminates winter cold aches. I use them when walking my dogs in winter, around the house and in the workshop.”

John Howarth

“I wear my Pete’s Thermal Jeans watching live rugby games and also when riding my motorcycle. I have an old knee injury that aches when it gets cold. Normal jeans are cold and my Pete’s Thermal Jeans are warm. I would recommend Pete’s Thermal Jeans to other people because most of my friends ride bikes as well and no one likes being cold.”

Tony Galbraith

“The benefits I enjoy from my Pete’s thermal jeans is I enjoy being less irritable and inconvenienced by frosty days. I don’t have to layer tights and trousers that ride against each other. I easily fend of chilblains which are normally a problem when frosty. I recommend Pete’s Thermal Jeans as they are so they are so well made and so comfortable without being bulky. I am able to sit and work without discomfort or frustration. I have a very limited budget, but have already decided I’ll be buying myself a second pair next autumn. Definitely good value and worth it.”


"I don’t like the cold so I thought I would give Pete’s Thermal Jeans a go. I am now never cold no matter what I am doing. I recommend Pete’s thermal jeans because they work like they are supposed to work and keep you very warm.”

Stuart Hitchcock

“I do a lot more fishing because I am now warm and cosy with Pete’s Thermal Jeans. I wear my thermal jeans in all types of weather and all day during winter because it keeps you warm and saves money on power.”

Neil Dawson

“I have recommended Pete’s Thermal jeans to my friends and will be buying another pair for next winter. They are lovely and warm and my husband loves them. They are good fitting and very well made. I will never love cold weather however it is a lot more bearable with a really great product like Pete’s Thermal Jeans.”

Vernice Morley

“I wear Pete’s Thermal Jeans inside an older home in autumn, winter and spring without the heater on. I wear them on the building site in all weather conditions and I stay dry even when the weather is not. I do snow skiing in Pete’s Thermal Jeans and I’m warm and dry. I go Micro lighting in the calm of winter in my thermal jeans and they are so comfortable to relax in at the end of a hard day. These jeans improve the weather as I am no longer cold. We are no longer having cold winters now. And that’s fantastic.”

George Nicol

“I only received my Pete’s Thermal Jeans yesterday, but I could feel the warmth immediately. I had a bad motorcycle accident years ago and my left hip, leg and knee really feel the cold in winter. I previously wore jeans with thermals when riding my motor bike but now there is no reason to do that. I would recommend Pete’s Thermal Jeans to any person with joint pain etc. Rig workers would enjoy the comfort of these during winter months as well.”

Dave Leishman

“I bought Pete’s Thermal Jeans for my son who is working on a dairy farm. He lived in them all winter and now with the milking season in full swing and starting at 5am he really appreciates them. For anyone working outside in the depths of winter with heavy frosts and cold wind it makes life much more pleasant."

Mrs Anna Boseley

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