“No other jeans can compare with Pete’s Thermal Jeans. They are warm, well cut and are a tidy pair of pants. They are good value for money. They work well, are comfortable and look good. I have 2 pairs of Pete’s Thermal Jeans so as one is being washed I can wear the other pair.”

Mr LB Gordon

“There’s nothing like Pete’s thermal jeans on the market. We are now much warmer watching our son’s football games in the winter. It’s great being able to concentrate on our son’s game rather than concentrating on how to keep warm on the sidelines.”

Katrina Hutton

I first tried Pete’s thermal jeans because of positive feedback from other people and also the testimonials from ‘local’ customers. The benefits I’ve got are instant warmth and even my feet are warmer because of the blood circulating through warmer legs. These thermal jeans are everything they profess to be and also hard wearing too. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone.”

Russ Hawkins

“I am a pensioner; I was cold and wanted to save money on power to keep warm. Pete’s thermal jeans did the trick"

Mike Berimpton

“Petes thermal jeans deliver what they say. I enjoy keeping warm working in a cold open workshop.”

Diane Tregoanning

“As I have both artificial knees I would strongly recommend Pete’s thermal jeans to any other person with knee problems. I am also a motorbike rider and they are great for this as well. With thermal jeans the use of thermal long johns in winter is not needed.”

Ralph Schmidt

“After trying on Pete’s thermal jeans for the first time they looked good and felt good. They are a good price too-not overly expensive. Now that I am older my knees always feel cold. Pete’s thermal jeans now keep my knees warm. I don’t have to think about what to put on-Pete’s thermal jeans are always there. They look good and keep me warm.”

Eileen McVicar

“The idea of thermal jeans is just great. High Quality hard wearing denim on the outside and the advantages of thermal protection on the inside. When I saw your TV ad I ordered two pair immediately. One to wear and one to wash. I have never regretted my purchase and have recommended Pete’s thermal jeans to many people. I’m almost 70 years young and wearing Pete’s thermal jeans I feel I could live another 70 years.”

Graham Collingwood

“I do not like Polyprop clothing and I was desperate to find warmer trousers. I wear my thermal jeans in the evening at the computer or watching TV. I find that If I am warm before I go to bed I sleep much better.”

Maurice Finnerty

“Pete’s thermal jeans keep my legs warm on cold winter days. I’m definitely more comfortable and warm when out in inclement weather.”

Mike Heywood

“I got my Pete’s thermal jeans after a friends recommendation. I enjoy photographic trips in early mornings and showery weekends. I am now really comfortable in cold and windy weather.”

Graeme Stuart

‘When I had my friend describe the wonderful warmth she experienced and because I suffered with hip pain and cold lower back I felt very interested in Pete’s thermal jeans. On cold days, when wearing these warm jeans I keep my hips and lower back warm and I have less discomfort. Keeping warm gives me a sense of well being. Age is no obstacle to wearing these jeans as I am now 80!"


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