“I look forward to putting on my thermal jeans in cold weather. It gives the same sense as climbing into a warm bed. I like the comfort. Pete’s thermal jeans are not clammy but warm inside and out. They are also well made and well cut.”

Nick Rosenberg

“Once I tried a pair of Pete’s thermal jeans on I was impressed by the warmth. I have had a better winter free from lower back problems since wearing these jeans.”

Mike Andrews

“I wish I had known about Pete’s thermal jeans when I was a commercial crayfisher. They are great and I am always warm. They are warm, cosy, and comfortable. And even though they are not ‘fashion’ jeans they look good too.”

Colin Turner

“A friend had a pair of Pete’s thermal jeans and said they were great. Pete’s thermal jeans keep you toastie warm without the need for long johns.”


“I have received better warmth and circulation in my legs especially in the winter months. I would highly recommend Pete’s thermal jeans because they have greatly improved my life. I do not now feel the cold.”


“These Thermal Jeans are fantastic...! I always enjoy watching my kids play soccer but it's always pretty cold with the wind coming off the sea - with these Thermal Jeans I'm nice and warm and can concentrate on letting the kids know they're doing great.”

Russel Holland

“I'm sold...I work in a Wellington Ports Cold Stores, minus 22 degrees in the freezers. Having trialled these jeans for a few weeks, I have found them to be just as good as our commercial freezer gear, with hands and feet getting cold long before our legs force us to have freezer breaks. Thermal Jeans are very warm and comfortable and allow easy movement. They also seem to be very durable with no sign of any wear and tear. I ride a motorbike to work and find them very nice to wear on cold, wet, and frosty mornings. I arrive at work warm and dry under the jeans. I recommend to anyone to give Thermal Jeans a try.”

Rodney Niven

“I have two (2) artificial Titanium knees and decided to purchase a pair of Thermal jeans prior to a trip to Rotorua. I donned them late afternoon after wearing normal jeans and immediately noticed the difference in temperature in my lower region. I would HIGHLY recommend anyone who has crook knees and suffers in the cold weather to buy a pair of Thermal jeans. Any prospective purchaser is most welcome to call me personally for my thoughts.”

Adrian Mason

“Wonderful instant warmth from the moment put on, durable and of good quality, great for the farm I run and any aches and pains reduced.”

Jon Spencer-Timaru

“I am a paraplegic and have been confined to a wheelchair for 40 years. My feet and legs, especially below the knees, can get very cold in winter. Last winter I tried out a pair of Pete's Thermal Jeans and found a very noticeable circulation improvement in my feet and legs. I am now purchasing another two pairs for this winter.”


“Fantastic, my limbs do not ache anymore from the cold. I start at the Airport 0500 and then the temp is below zero, my lower body is so warm from the inside out, just don't get cold. Highly recommended with high viz when it is required for your occupation, less garments to wear.”

Chris Lankshear

“My partner bought 2 pairs of Pete's Thermal Jeans because he was so cold working outside in the winter and he had heard that they were really warm. He loves them and is so glad he got two pairs because when one pair is in the wash he has a second pair to wear. They are so warm and very well made. He highly recommends them to anyone who feels the cold and they are very comfortable. They cost the same or even less than a normal pair of jeans but they are much stronger and warmer.”

Walter Stokes & Susan Matheson

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