“I am on Warforin blood thinning tablets so my thermal jeans keep me a lot warmer.”

Philip Wilkinson

“My thermal jeans have helped warm my legs, have taken the aches from my knees and at the same time made my feet warmer. They’re great to wear and at the end of the day and my whole body is warmer.”

Geoff Shepherdson

“Pete’s Thermal Jeans looked like an excellent idea after I had knee replacement surgery done. They keep my knees nice and warm which stops them getting stiff and uncomfortable during the cold of the winter. I highly recommend them because they have made my life much more enjoyable with my new knees. Because of this I now have four pair of Pete’s thermal jeans. Two for work and two for good.”

Bob Sarney

“I get really cold at work and thought Pete’s thermal jeans would be perfect for me. I’m now not anywhere as cold as I used to be so I achieve more at work, and at my sport. Pete’s thermal jeans are comfortable and effective. Better than just wearing thermal underpants. I never realised how much of my body warmth I lost through my legs until I got Pete’s thermal jeans.”

Anja van de Wetering

“I first heard about Pete’s Thermal Jeans from my son. I had very positive feedback from him and because we had a very frosty winter here I decided to buy some. Pete’s thermal jeans are great for training and walking my dog in. They also eliminate having layers of clothing to keep warm.”

Susan Shepherd

“Both my father and I have arthritis and my father said that Pete’s thermal jeans were a great help. My thermal jeans keep all my joints in my knees and hips warm therefore I have pain free days!! Pete’s thermal jeans have improved my flexibility and made everything easier.”


We first purchased Pete’s Thermal Jeans because my wife feels the cold quite easily and I thought if she’s warmer, she’s a happier person all snug and comfy. Pete’s thermal jeans have given her instant comfort and warmth. She is now a lot warmer when watching outdoor sports, going shopping at the markets outdoor and in winter.”

Tom Blair

“I bought Pete’s thermal jeans because I suffer from cold legs and hoped they would help. I now have more warmth in my lower body and improved circulation in my feet. I no longer get number or tingling toes. The team at Pete’s thermal jeans were very helpful as I had a few issues getting a pair of thermal jeans that fitted properly. However we solved all these problems no hassle and I now love my thermal jeans.”

Margaret McMonaghe

“As a sufferer of osteoarthritis and circulation disorder. I was amazed at the benefits gained after wearing my Thermal Jeans for less than one week. Apart from being comfortable and warm. I have experienced an increase in limb mobility and less pain.”


“My husband recently took on a newspaper round and I braved the cold of an early Saturday morning to help. He was wearing a pair of Pete’s Thermal jeans and remained warm throughout the trip. I was wearing fleecy track-pants but still chilled, even after a hot shower when we got home. As a night-worker for many years, hubby invariably found wearing thermal underwear caused his energy levels to drop as the air temperature rose. They simply weren’t able to keep his body temperature at a comfortable level. However, Pete’s jeans’ unique ‘breathing system’ can, so his energy level at the end of a 50 kilometre newspaper round was the same as when he started several hours earlier. Guess what I’ll be spending his next pay-cheque on.”


“In our heyday my wife and I have skied in most of the famous slopes in Europe, where having cold legs went with the territory. As our years have advanced we have camped and hiked in most of the wonderlands of South Africa, where a night in the Kalahari gave you very cold legs. I have had to have both my hips replaced, and with the chilly weather of New Zealand we thought our outdoor adventures had come to an end. Thank you Pete, your thermal jeans have given my wife and I a new sense of adventure. For the short time that we have both owned a pair of your thermal jeans, we have realised that New Zealand has really got a wealth of intrigue out there that we have just been missing. Our thermal jeans are comfortable and warm for outdoor activities and aches and pains are reduced. Pete’s thermal Jeans are fantastic.”

Kevin & Tilly Collocott

“I purchased Pete’s Thermal Jeans because I get cold very easily and didn’t like walking much in the winter. Your thermal jeans keep me toasty warm and I now love walking my dog no matter what the weather. I would highly recommend Pete’s Thermal Jeans because they keep my lower body warm in the colder weather.”


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